WHAKA PERSONAL TRAININGGet results with your own personal trainer!

Whaka Boot CampPersonal training is great for people who need help to stay motivated to lose weight, get fit and tone up. We work with you to set goals, measure your strengths and weaknesses as well as keep your training routines interesting.

We also show you how to complete each and every exercise to ensure your body is getting the best out of each activity. Let’s face it – if you are putting in the effort to exercise, then you really should ensure you’re using the right muscle groups so that you achieve your goals sooner.

Our high intensity 30 minutes sessions will:

  • Dramatically improve your strength, energy levels and performance
  • Fire up your metabolism and therefore burn more fat at rest
  • Tone & tighten your entire body
  • Boost your self-confidence and self respect for your achievements
  • Get you into the best shape of your life, ready to take on new challenges!

Using a range of proven training methods our 30 minute total body workouts combine muscle-building benefits of resistance training and fat-burning benefits of a circuit style format. 

Regardless of your age or fitness level, the result is a short, quick and fun workout you’ll enjoy, and that’ll easily fit into your busy schedule. The constant variety means your body doesn’t get the chance to plateau, while also keeping things fun and interesting for you. We guarantee to get you results! 


Immediate Benefits

  • Training guidance
  • Motivational edge
  • Exercise technique
  • Personalised attention

Long Term Benefits

  • Improved health conditions
  • Increased energy levels
  • Greater self esteem
  • Reduced body fat
  • Enhanced lifestyle



Casual Rate


Double Up Rate


30 mins $35 $25 ea.
45 mins $45 $35 ea.
60 mins $60 $50 ea.
Discounted Rates
 6 Sessions  
30 mins $199.50 $143.50 ea.
45 mins $256.50 $199.50 ea.
60 mins $342 $285 ea.
5% discount
Full payment required
 12 Sessions  
30 mins $385 $250 ea.
45 mins $495 $385 ea.
60 mins $660 $550 ea.
12 Sessions for the price of 11
Full payment required
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