WHAKA BOOT CAMPSerious results... Fast!

Whaka Boot CampIf you're after an authentic Boot Camp experience (and not just an outdoor circuit class), to train using the exact same workouts & drills used to get our defence forces combat ready... then this Boot Camp is for you. 

In as little as 4 short weeks, you’ll be noticeably fitter, faster, stronger through this high intensity, periodised program, designed by a genuine Military Boot Camp Instructor with 20 years in the defence force… make no mistakes this is the real deal, unlike any other Boot Camp you've experienced.

Whaka Boot CampThere's no yelling or screaming... just a mutual respect between Trainer and recruits, and the expectation that for that 45 minutes each session you will give it your all… no quitting, no excuses, no giving up. If you or a team mate is struggling, then you all get in there, support them and help them through it… you're in it together!

Give it a go now....